Moulding Expo and ISTMA to cooperate

imageThe Moulding Expo, the trade fair for tool, pattern and mould making, will take place from 30 May to 2 June 2017 at the Stuttgart trade fairgrounds and by now 150 exhibitors already registered for the event.
A (ISTMA) announced the admission of Messe Stuttgart into the ISTMA Global Partner Programme. Moulding Expo, which took place for the first time in May 2015, will benefit from the international network of ISTMA, with 19 national Associations and over 8000 companies from Argentina to Portugal and South Africa.
The cooperation with Moulding Expo, according to ISTMA, has great potential for the tool construction industry. “Our industry plays a central role for the design, engineering and development of new products in the most diverse sectors, for example aerospace, automotive, medical devices and the packaging industry,” says Manuel Oliveira, Secretary General of the ISTMA. “We are convinced that the cooperation between ISTMA and Moulding Expo will contribute to our sector coming even more into the public focus.”
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Sipa acquires Automa PET activities

imageSIPA has acquired all activities related to production of injection-stretch-blow molding (ISBM) equipment at Automa S.p.A.. The acquisition will enable the company to extend its existing offering in single-stage ISBM systems to produce containers for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, personal care products, and spirits.

Automa ISBM machines are designed for production of containers in smaller lots than SIPA’s existing units, with features that enable quick change-overs between diffferent product configurations. They are also characterized by their compact lay-outs and high energy efficiency. The three-station ISBM 50SR unit, for example, with a 500-kN injection clamp force, has a rated power consumption of just 18.5 kW/h for machine, himageot runner system and PET loader. The 800-kN ISBM 80SR, which has four stations (separate stations for stretch-blow and discharge), consumes 20 kw/h.

SIPA has specialized for more than 25 years in complete manufacturing lines, including molds, for PET containers. It has production operations in Italy and China. The company’s offering includes preform and bottle design, engineering and industrialization up to the supply of injection and blowing molds for any type of PET machines in the market.


Cartaz SM2014The MOULDS EVENT 2014 will be held at Marinha Grande and Oliveira de Azeméis,  from 23rd to 27th June including several workshos, technical seminars, an open house and an exhibition.

The MOULDS EVENT 2014 is once again jointly organized by POOL_NET (Portuguese Tooling Network), CEFAMOL (National Association of Moulds Industry), and CENTIMFE (Technology Center), in close co-operation with OPEN (business incubator).

Te agenda of the event is available HERE, including all seminars and meetings, speakers and topics. For registration on line, click HERE.

The MOULDS EVENT 2014 exhibition will be opened during all the week, with good opportunities for business meetings. The previous edition of the MOULDS EVENT held the participation of about 800 participants from 10 countries. Fpor more information on this exhibition, click HERE.

Strong Portuguese presence at 19th EuroMold

image_thumb[7]The 19th EuroMold, World Fair for Moldmaking and Tooling, Design and Application Development, will take place from 27 to 30 November, in Frankfurt/Main (Germany).  The show expects about 1,500 exhibitors from 45 countries and approximately 60,000 trade visitors. With an area of 75,000 m², this year’s highlights will be the partner country Austria, theme presentation “Jewellery industry” as well as high-class conferences and forums. The Portuguese Engineering and Tooling industry is well represented by 21 exhibiting companies: DRT, Engenhotec, E&T, FastRotator, Fozmoldes, GECO, Heto, JDD, Moldoeste, Moldoplástico, Moliporex, PMM, PMPM, Retratideia, Ribermold, Santos & Schulz, Tecmolde, Tecnifreza, Tecnimoplas, TJ Moldes and Wuhan Industries.

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EuroMold expects 1500 exhibitors

image_thumbThe 18th EuroMold, World Fair for Moldmaking and Tooling, Design and Application Development, will take place ion Frankfurt (Germany) from Nov. 29 to Dec. 2, 2011.  The show expects about 1,500 exhibitors from 45 countries and approximately 60,000 trade visitors. The exhibition area is growing by 4.1%.

image[5]EuroMold shows in halls 8, 9, 11 and the “Galleria” the latest developments in all areas of product development on an area of 75,000 m². This year’s highlights being the partner country Korea, the special show “Innovations through Moldmaking and Tooling, “e-Production for everyone” as well as high-class conferences, forums and workshops.

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Complex hollow parts in a single step

image As the competitive pressure increases, the European injection moulders need more competitive solutions. There is a growing demand for highly integrated and automated system solutions. A good example is the manufacturing of complex hollow parts, which will be demonstrated live at "FIP solution plastique" exhibition (Lyon, France, from 24 to 27 May). ENGEL (Austria) will show a compact, tie-bar-less ENGEL victory 1050H/500W/200 combi machine, with a Multitube mould system from Pernoud (Oyonnax, France), to produce a 3-component hollow application such as intake manifolds for 3 cylinder engines,  with complex geometry, in a single step. This is achieved by means of a multiple stage injection process that integrates picking & placing and over-moulding in a single cycle. First threaded bushings are insert-placed into the mould and then over-moulded. The pre-moulded part for injection of the second component will be turned in the mould by a Stäubli six-arm robot before the third component, a TPE seal, is applied. To support multiple component injection moulding the victory machine is equipped with a piggyback unit and a third injection unit by Babyplast. The finished component is taken off by a multiple axis robot and deposited on an integrated conveyor belt. The robot control unit is fully integrated with the CC 200 control unit of the injection moulding machine. Because the robot works inside the extended safety guarding, the production cell only needs a small footprint.
The benefit of the plant’s high degree of integration is that the hollow parts are produced in a single process step that removes the need for finishing, for example, a welding process. Compared with legacy gas injection technology, the Multitube concept also ensures enhanced quality of the interior surfaces and consistent wall thicknesses.

PlasCork-Automotive – the best of two worlds

A “consortium” formed by Simoldes Plásticos, , Amorim Cork Composites and PIEP launched the PlasCork-Automotive project  aimed to add specific properties of cork – the natural and unique material from cork oak trees – to plastic automotive components, whose work has been developed since 2009 and is expected to be completed by the end of year 2011.  Three cork applications will be studied and investigated:

1) cork as an element for impact energy absorption (padding), substituting the current solutions based on synthetic materials;

2) cork as an acoustic insulation element, substituting current solutions based on synthetic materials;

3) cork as a decorative element with high added-value for the design of new car interiors.



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