image_thumbA new European initiative for the telecom industry has been launched. VECTOR (Versatile Easy installable Connector implementing new Technologies for accelerated fiber Optic network Roll-outs in Europe) is a partnership between European universities and the telecom industry with the aim to conduct research activities to develop a field installable optical fiber connector system. The system will greatly accelerate the deployment of extended fiber optic networks.

image_thumb[1][1]High speed internet requires access to optical fiber communication links. In order to distribute signals in fiber optic networks, optical fibers need to be connected with each other, preferably in a reconfigurable manner. Installing connectors on such tiny glass optical fibers in the field currently requires highly specialized personnel and a multitude of dedicated tools. Dust and dirt make it almost impossible to achieve field connections with a quality level close to the one attainable in a factory or lab environment. The outcome of the current research promises to be a connector system that guarantees factory-like performance during field installation.

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