Insecticide substances in foamed plastics

imageThe Plastics Technology Centre AIMPLAS, Inesfly Corporation from Valencia and the University of Zaragoza are researching in order to be able to encapsulate insecticide substances in foamed plastic materials. The innovative material will allow the manufacture of soles of sandals and mats that repel insects that transmit diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, Chagas disease and leishmaniasis.

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Custom-engineered TPE

image[5]KRAIBURG TPE (Waldkraiburg, Germany) will present, at the K 2010, several tailored TPE product solutions for multiple market sectors. The TPE specialist has developed a new high-performance compound from the HIPEX® product family for the Automotive, Industrial and Engineering markets. The compounds of the THERMOLAST® M line are specially geared to the needs of the pharmaceutical and medical market. Among other things, manufacturers and users profit from improved sliding capacity with respect to other materials as well as an extensive selection of hardness variants for bonding to PC and ABS plastics. In the consumer segment, the focus will be the new THERMOLAST® K compounds for “wet grip” applications. They guarantee maximum grip of a product even when wet. And not only pleasant haptics, but also an appealing fragrance can be convincing arguments for consumers. For this purpose KRAIBURG TPE has developed odor batches making it possible to provide all compounds with any desired fragrance.

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ENGEL Innovations at the K Fair

image ENGEL will be exhibiting seminal technologies and innovations from industry-specific applications at K 2010. On a floor space of 1,272 qm², ENGEL will be showing eleven exhibits to demonstrate its competence in the Automotive, Technical Moulding, Packaging, Teletronics and Medical fields. The use of energy saving systems in particular is the highlight of ENGEL’s presentation at K 2010. READ THE DETAILS