Better control with zenon Analyzer

imageThe zenon Analyzer, the new reporting software from COPA-DATA is designed to display all the vital information from manufacturing processes or energy management with a clear overview and in graphical form. Launched at SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2011 trade fair (Nuremberg, 23-25 November), zenon Analyzer provides dinaming reporting functionalities, in order to monitor and adapt processes and decisions to volatile prices, fluctuating demand and other fast changing factors.
Dynamic Production Reporting analyzes all relevant data obtained from production. The reports generated provide those responsible for production and management with a comprehensive and transparent overview of previous activity as well as the current manufacturing situation. These reports use both real-time data and historical data for evaluations. Useimagers can a pply standardized, pre-defined templates to deploy the tool quickly and efficiently. There is also the capability to adapt the pre-defined reports or to define individual reports to precisely portray the company-specific requirements. The reports can also be used as a basis for quality control as well as adherence to compliance requirements.
Companies can deploy the zenon Analyzer as either an independent and freely-configurable application or in conjunction with zenon as the HMI/SCADA solution. The software can be easily integrated into existing automation solutions or IT infrastructures – without adaptations or changes needing to be carried out on existing machines or equipment. The zenon Analyzer compiles the data from various machines, production stages and equipment consistently and provides all relevant information quickly and with a clear overview. As a result, users can view OEE and KPI figures, such as material use, downtimes, or energy consumption.