EUROMAP energy recommendations and label

imageA broad alliance of many injection moulding machine manufacturers has succeeded in developing the EUROMAP energy measurement standards EUROMAP 60.1 and EUROMAP 60.2 for this category of machines. EUROMAP 60.1 (ckick to read) provides an initial overview of machinery-related energy consumption. EUROMAP 60.2 also enables complex, customer-specific injection moulding applications to be compared in relation to the product.With these standards for measuring specific energy consumption, manufacturers are facing up to their responsibility: the transparency the standards provide requires them to develop technologies that are increasingly more efficient in their use of energy. The EUROMAP Energy Efficiency Label is a voluntary label with a common technical base for machine comparison.
There are also energy measurement standards for extrusion blow moulding machines (EUROMAP 46 part 1, EUROMAP 46 part 2), and others, for thermoforming for example, are under development.


Productivity and energy efficiency go hand in hand

Dr. Urbanek, author of the EUROMAP Study “Energy Efficiency: European Plastics and Rubber Machines Well Placed”, sees close links between energy efficiency and productivity. Investing for greater productivity generally also means investing in energy efficiency.

The study looked at the main plastics and rubber processing technologies, i.e. injection moulding, extrusion, blow moulding and thermoforming, which account for around 90 per cent of the total volume processed. Production efficiency has almost doubled in the last 20 years, and plastics machinery’s specific energy consumption is down 30 per cent. The demands made on hydraulic systems have resulted in greater efficiency and cut the energy consumption of injection moulding machines by around 40 per cent. The throughput capacity of extrusion machines has also doubled over the same period. Machine-related energy consumption has been reduced by around 20 per cent. The same is true in compounding.

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Energy Efficiency and e-Production at EuroMold

image_thumb[1]The 17th EuroMold, World Fair for Moldmaking and Tooling, Design and Application Development, will take place from 1 to 4 December 2010, in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.  The show expects about 1,500 exhibitors from 45 countries and approximately 60,000 trade visitors.  Turkey will be the "host country". Further highlights at EuroMold 2010 will be the special feature shows “Energy Efficiency and Moldmaking” and “e-Production for everyone” as well as  conferences, forums and workshops.

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Drying systems: "pay as you save" offer from Moretto

MORETTO (Massanzago, Italy) is offering to install the EUREKA drying system without  purchasing contract and will merely charge a monthly fee based on the amount of energy savings, calculating the differential between the ‘old’ and the newly installed equipment. After two years, the system will have been paid for and owned outright by the customer. This will be achieved just through energy savings. If not satisfied, the system(s) can be returned to MORETTO at no extra cost to the customer. EAD THE FULL ATICLE