Italian technologies at K 2010

More than 250 italian companies will exhibit at K 2010 (Dusseldorf, Germany 27 October to 3 November). ASSOCOMAPLAST, the italian association of plastics and rubber machinery manufacturers released a preview report regarding the novelties to be on display at K 2010. The report includes 48 italian companies. To get a copy, CLICK HERE.


Drying systems: "pay as you save" offer from Moretto

MORETTO (Massanzago, Italy) is offering to install the EUREKA drying system without  purchasing contract and will merely charge a monthly fee based on the amount of energy savings, calculating the differential between the ‘old’ and the newly installed equipment. After two years, the system will have been paid for and owned outright by the customer. This will be achieved just through energy savings. If not satisfied, the system(s) can be returned to MORETTO at no extra cost to the customer. EAD THE FULL ATICLE