Health and Safety Issues in the Rubber Industry

rubber sfety bookiSmithers Rapra Publishing (Shropshire, UK) has announced the release of Update on Health and Safety in the Rubber Industries. This report takes a broad overview of the rubber industry and highlights the key concerns over safety that are currently being raised. Legislation in the UK and USA is discussed in depth. Safety of processing equipment is discussed as are the measures that can be taken to avoid injury from machinery. Rubber dust and fume exposures during rubber processing are considered to be general health hazards. Chemicals used in rubber manufacture/processing, particularly solvents have been responsible for many health effects in the rubber industry, these are outlined here. Recommendations for handling rubber chemicals are given.

The rubber industry uses both natural and synthetic rubber. Tyres and tyre products account for approximately 60% of the synthetic rubber and 75% of the natural rubber used, and this industry employs about half a million workers worldwide. Important non-tyre uses of rubber include automotive belts and hoses, gloves, condoms and rubber footwear.

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