Market trends for blow molded plastic bottles

Blow moulded plastic bottles is a market of nearly 4.5 million tonnes magnitude in Europe. Beverages aimageccounted for two-thirds of the market demand in units. The growth trends differ depending on both the drinks category and the geography, but the overriding trend within the beverages market in Europe is toward ‘healthier options’. The demand for blow moulded beverage bottles in Europe is fuelled by continued substitution of glass bottles, cartons and cans. Moreover, consumers tend to make more impulse purchases whist on-the-go, which drives additional demand. These are the main findings in a report published in April by AMI Consulting (Bristol, UK).

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Pallets, Bins and Bottles

image Wilmington Machinery (Wilmington,NC, USA) a manufacturer of high speed rotary coextrusion blow molding systems and structural foam injection molding machinery, will be exhibiting at the K 2010 introducing the all new LUMINA Pallateer Plastic Pallet Molding Systems. Five available models produce all types of nestable, rackable one-way or long life pallets in medium to high volumes (200 – 900,000 pallets/year). The systems are fully automated and are able to process a broad range of 100% recycled plastic materials in form of pellets or flakes. READ MORE