3D PRINTING 2.0 Worldwide Seminars


3D Systems announced a seminar series designed to inform and inspire local companies, designers and other professionals on the new paradigm of 3D printing technologies. The seminars include demonstrations from the company’s 2014 product line spanning more than 20 new printers, design solutions and advanced materials; all of which are at the core of 3DS’ 3DPRINTING 2.0 initiative. This seminar series consists of over 300 total events between March and June 2014 at 3DS reseller locations throughout the globe from North America and Europe to the Middle East and Asia, and it will give attendees a firsthand look how 3DS’ newest printers can benefit the full spectrum of high-end manufacturers down to prosumers.

image[8][1]Participants will see: New developments in ColorJet 3D printing with full-color plastic; Expanded capabilities with multi-material composite parts in a single print; Fab-grade performance from the ProX™ 950, the latest SLA 3D printer for high-volume manufacturing; Production-grade SLS capabilities and part quality on par with injection molding from the ProX 500; Enhanced, low-cost jewelry and dental casting pattern capabilities with the Projet® 1200; Sub-$5,000, multi-material prosumer 3D printers; Sessions detailing how to evaluate the range of technology and choose the right 3D printer for any application

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