New Board for APIP

imagePedro Colaço (KLC) is the new Chairman of APIP (the Association of the Portuguese Pastics Industries), followed by Gonçalo Tomé (Plasfil) and Carlos Santos (Plastimar), leading a strong team with representation from the different areas af the industry. “To keep the associative work moving ahead, to face the challenges of the new times and combine capacities with knowledge to make APIP stronger, these are the leading goals for the new board” – said Mr. Pedro Colaço addressing the general meeting held in Marinha Grande on the 4th of May.

The complete new board is the following:

Board of Directors

President                                                                            Pedro Colaço (KLC)
Executive Vice-President                                                Gonçalo Tomé (Plasfil)
Finance Vice-President                                                   Carlos Santos    (Plastimar)
Vice-President Automotive & Technical Parts             Guida Figueiredo (Carfi)
Vice-President Packaging                                               Carlos Vicente (Logoplaste)
Vice-President Tubes & Profiles                                     Jorge Vicente Sousa (Fersil)
Vice-President Recycling                                                Ricardo Pereira (Sirplaste)
Vice-President Films & Sheets                                      Amaro Reis (Sacos 88)
Vice-President Equipments & Auxiliary                       Nuno Guimarães (Novagi)
Vice-President Raw Materials                                        António Alves Pereira (Repsol).

Table of the General Meeting

President                                             Duarte Champalimaud (GLN Plast)
Vice-President                                   Luis Vieira (Plasteuropa)
1st Secretary                                     Teresa Correia (Polipoli)
2nd Secretary                                     Florbela da Silva Domingues (Bourbon)

Audit Committee

President                                          Maria da Conceição Gomes (Probos)
Vice-President                                 Isabel Matos (Plimat)
Member                                            Silvino Farracho (Plasoeste)

The general meeting has elected Mr. Marcel de Botton, who activelly served as Chairman during the last decades, as Chairman Emeritus, considering is strong and vast contribution to APIP and the industry. “I am very proud of my industry. During all this time, many Portuguese companies succeeded and reach high international relevance and quality reputation in the automotive, other technical applications, films, tubes, packaging, recycling and other areas. Associations, as the companies, need new blood and energy. I’m sure that the new board will make APIP stronger” – said Mr. de Botton after the election.
João Cortez (Celoplás), Manuel Alegria (Simoldes) and Pedro Faria (Sival), who also served in the former APIP boards, will remain active in the Advisory Committee.