PET: more recycling

The collection of used PET bottles increased 25% in Portugal during 2013, approaching the 15 thousand tonnes. According to data verified by Plastval, the selective collection (drop off and door-to-door) achieved 11.6 thousand tons, an increase of 8%, while the PET from composting and MBT facilities increased 170%, exceeding 3,4 thousand tons.
The PET recycling rate is above 25 % since 2015, referring to total consumption of PET packaging. The recycling rate doubles for the bottle segment (mainly water and CSD bottles).

The collection of PET bottles in Europe increased by 5.6% in 2012 more than consumption (about 3%), according to PCI estimates, with a total of 1,475 million tons. Germany scored the higher increase in collection: 16%. Collection figures for 2013 have yet to be estimated.