Torninova shows new 3250 mm bubble wrap line

imageThe new COEX BUBBLE™ line will be demontrated by Torninova (Perugia, Italy) during a "open house" show from 29 to 31 january. With maximum production speed  of 135 m/mim, and a output of 1250 kg/h, this new line works with a new and patented twin-screw system and produces bubble wrap film with 10 layers, including a polyamide barrier layer.
Acording to Torninova, the new big line has the ability to produce 30 g/m2 bubble wrap with 100% recycled material. Raw materials with extremely different melt indexes can be mixed thanks to the new patented twin-screw extruder technology. Another feature is the new TRIPLEX winder, with full automatic core loading, the ability to produce coreless rolls in line and to switch from core to coreless without sopping the machine.
Bubble wrap films, with large and diverse applications, can be coextruded and formed at high speeds, while keeping bubble resistance and roundness. The new COEX BUBBLE™ has its cast cylinders placed between the die lips and forming cylinder.