Plastic Caps and Closures in Europe

image_thumbBeverage closures account for 40% of European closure industry polymer demand but nearly 60% of the market by units. While carbonated soft drinks (CSDs) are no longer a dynamic category, the sheer size of this market will result in significant additional demand by 2015.

Non-beverage applications account for 60% of total caps and closure industry polymer demand in Europe. In the last report on this industry (Plastic Caps and Closures in Europe), AMI Consulting points that the toiletries and cosmetics sectors are the largest consumers of polymer caps and clusures. The report predicted personal care closures and customised product delivery solutions will be the main contributors to overall closure industry growth over the next five years, followed by closures for the homecare sector.  

The key market driver for closures in non-beverage applications is innovation, with brand owners seeking greater on-shelf differentiation through superior aesthetics and functionality.  Supermarket shelves are cluttered with brand imitations, and the lead brand must stand out from the rest. Consequently, the role of packaging continues to grow in importance within the FMCG industry.