India is the 3rd polymer market

India is currently the world’s third largest consumer of polymers, behind China and the US, with a share of 5.7% of the 2011 global total value (from3,5% in 2000), reports GlobalData e a recent study. Per capita consumption grew from 1 kg (1980) to 7,4 kg (2010), still lower than the world average. From 2000 to 2011, the polymer consumption grew 9,1%, whereas the GDP grew 7,6% per year.
The manufacture of plastic products is expected to increase from 7,4 Mton (million metric tons) in 2011 to 11,5 Mton in 2016 (9,4% per year). PE, PP, PVC, PET and SBR represent more than 90% of the actual capacity.
The agriculture is one of the most relevant sectors for plastics consumption. The micro-irrigation scheme, started in 2005, reached 1,79 M ha in 2010, with more than 450 M USD invested. For the next five years, the micro-irrigation area is expected to reach 10 M ha, pushing the plastics demand to 0,5 M ton per year (0,4 of it PE). Besides the micro-irrigation investments, India has 22 Precision Farming Development Centers (PFDCs), seeking for agricultural techniques involving plastics.
Packaging is still the bigger sector for plastics applications, with more than half of the demand. Thanks to the growing trend in domestic purchasing power and exports, the processed food industry is expected to reach a value of 30 thM (thousand million, or short scale "billion") USD in 2015.
The automotive industry doubled its production, from 9.5 M units in 2006 to 18.2 M units in 2011, with the inherent increase in the consumption of PP and SBR.

Besides the domestic consumption, India has doubled the exports of plastic converted products, from 1,1 thM in 2006 to 2,3 thM in 2011.