8th European Thermoforming Conference

The 8th European Thermoforming Conference, organized by The Society of Plastics Engineers – European Thermoforming Division, will be held in Venice from 26 to 27 April 2012. The conference agenda will include presentations from experts in the thermoforming industry and lively debates in workshops about technical and commercial issues. Moreover, the event provides the unique opportunity to meet colleagues and customers from the industry around the world. The conference is to be complimented by a table top informative exhibition of relevant latest product and services.

4th European Thermoforming PARTS Competition

Thermoformers are invited  to participate in the 4th European Thermoforming Parts competition.
The essential points of the European Thermoforming Parts Competition are the design-orientated application of materials and the successful combination of technical innovation and design quality. The award winners will be presented at the 8th European Thermoforming Conference.

More information, HERE.