Foamed PP for food packaging

EDV Packaging (Barcelona, Spain) and Mucell Extrusion have signed an exclusive license agreement to produce foamed polypropylene barrier sheets for food packaging within Europe. The licensed microcellular foaming technology is the result of extensive development work that gathers more than 30 patents from Mucell Extrusion, M.I.T. (Masschussets Institute of Technology) and The Dow Chemical Company. image_thumb[1]

This agreement, combined with its own coextrusion capacity, will allow EDV Packaging to launch a new range of foamed polypropylene sheets with EVOH (barrier material). These materials will make a difference in reducing packaging weight and therefore environmental impact, thanks also to the enhanced mechanical properties when compared to other foamed materials. The new range of barrier sheets will be commercially available by the second half of 2012.