Better recycling with less energy

image[2]The ecoSAVE® package, introduced by EREMA since the beginning of 2010 in its recycling systems, provides design and process engineering measures that reduce energy consumption by up to 10%. Besides the energy efficient motors and other energy-saving components, the melt filters on new recycling systems will now feature added insulation to reduce losses through heat radiating. Effective and robust insulation materials are used in the field of pelletising to prevent heated elements from losing heat into the cooling water. These extras are included in all EREMA plastic recycling systems as added value at no additional charge and enable plant operators to reduce production costs and optimise energy consumption. Since it was founded in 1983 EREMA has specialised in the development, manufacturing and worldwide distribution of plastic recycling systems and technologies for the plastics processing industry. EREMA’s technology has become established as a global standard for a wide variety of recycling tasks, from the recycling of polyolefines to PET.