Danone wins bioplastics award

image_thumb[1]Bioplastics are moving from niche market products to mass market products. The 6th Bioplastics Award, went to Danone GmbH, the german branch of the multinational brand owner, for its  introduction of Activia and Actimel in PLA and "green HDPE" (the sugar cane based PE from Braskem, Brazil). Awarded by Bioplastics Magazine, the Bioplastics Award was decided by a panel of 5 judges from academia, press and trade associations. 
Today, mimage_thumb[3]ore than half of the Danone products in the German market are packaged in bioplastics. Altough the environmental merits of bioplastics, these move to FMCG is causing converns and controversy. Without sorting, te new biodegradable plastics will be mixed with regular plastics and turn recycling of other plastic packaging very difficult or even impossible.