World Congress for plastic films

The 26th edition of the Speciality Plastic Films 2011 World Congress will take place in Zurich, Switzerland, from 14 to 16 of November.

Program Highlights Include:
•    Expert presentations on monoxial and biaxial oriented film technologies and markets.
•    Analysis of key developments in biopolymers.
•    Discussion of important advances in recycling technology for aluminum-containing laminates.
•    Significant input from global processors and brand owners.
•    Global business overviews and key economic insights from IHS Global Insight, Chemical Week, CMAI and SRIC.

Program Topics:
Global Film Business & Technology Overview
•    How Best to "Package" a Global Slowdown: Implications for the Plastics Industry
•    Polyolefins – Global Supply and Commercial Developments
•    Supply and Demand Picture for PET in Film
•    High Performance Polymers Extend the Scope of Film Applications
•    Spherizone Technolgy: Novel PP Structures Provide Futher Enhanded Product Properties
Sheet and Film Processing Technology Developments
•    Water-Quench Versus Air-Quench in Blown Film Production
•    Advances in Total Line Control Systems
•    Manufacturing PET Sheet and Film Without Pre-Dying
Additives and Inks
•    Enhancing the value of Bio and oriented film through Masterbatch Technology
•    How Industrial Minerals Can Improve Your Films
•    Delivering Innovation from Concept Through to Consumer
•    High Performance Color Masterbatches
Oriented Film Materials, Markets, Applications
•    An Insight to Perfromance of Polyolefins on MDO
•    Polypropylene Grades Tailored for High Speed BOPP Processes
•    Applications for Shrink Barrier Films Widen – Polymer Development & Triple Bubble Lines
•    TRIO – The Key to Industrial Production of MDO Films
•    Processor Experience in Oriented Films Production
Biopolymers for Sheet and Films
•    Biopolymer-based Coating Systems for Food Packaging Applications
•    Creating “Green Chemical” Production Centers to Meet Growing Demand for Degradable Plastic for Film
•    Developing New Applications for BoPLA Packaging Films: The NATIVIA™ Experience
•    New Options in Biodegradable Plastics from Renewable and Non-Renewable Sources
Multilayer Structures, Smart Packaging
•    Adhesives for Food Safe Flexible Film Packaging
•    A New Process to Recycle Plastic/Aluminum Laminates
•    Food Monitoring: Development of New Sensor Materials for Smart Packaging Films
•    A New Model for High-speed Development of Multilayer Films
•    Smart Packaging – A “Simple” Function That Will Make a Revolution Within Dining of Meals
Processor and User Perspectives
•    Plastic Converting in the Middle East
•    Film Producer Perspective I
•    High Performance Multilayer Films for Vacuum-packed Foods
•    What Brand Owners Want From Their Suppliers

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