Recyclability of PET bottles to be improved

UNESDA – the Union of European non-alcoholic beverage associations together with EFBW – the European Federation of Bottled Waters, recommend their respective membership to adhere to specific design criteria  for PET bottles in order to improve their recyclability.

Incompatible materials can adversely affect the PET recycling process.  Components of packaging design on PET bottles such as barriers, additives, full body sleeves and opaque colouring are leading to deterioration in the quality of recycled PET which is negatively impacting bottle-to-bottle recycling. In order to improve the quality and economic  viability of PET bottle recycling, UNESDA and EFBW recommend their members to implement “Design for Recycling Guidelines" – a set of specific criteria established by the European PET Bottle Platform (EPBP). 

EFBW and UNESDA hope their members will reach compliance with the EPBP guidelines by the end of 2012.