rPET sheet with micro-bubbles

After several years of development, MicroGREEN Polymers, Inc. (Seattle, USA) unveiled InCycle™, a revolutionary transformation of recycled PET into a lightweight, insulating, grease and moisture proof, printable sheet, as a cost-effective, sustainable alternative for print, packaging, and container applications.
InCycle sheets are made from recycled PET, which is then expanded using MicroGREEN‟s patented Ad-air® technology to reduce the amount of plastic required and significantly lower the environmental footprint of products made from them. For example, the amount of source material recycled from one 20oz. PET beverage bottle can produce seven 12oz. hot beverage cups made from InCycle.

In addition to lowering footprint, InCycle sheets actually improve recycled PET‟s functionality in terms of useful temperature range, insulation, flexibility and impact strength, making this increasingly prolific recycled material available to a broader range of applications. InCycle sheets are lightweight and can be controllably engineered to meet the various performance requirements for different types of print, packaging and container applications. InCycle sheets are also highly insulating and maintain their integrity at a broader range of service temperatures (-28°C up to 200°F) compared to solid PET. These properties now make recycled PET well-suited for extreme temperature applications, such as freezer-to-microwave meals.

To see a video about InCycle shett, CLICK HERE.