Shredder with modular pressing system

image The WLK series single-shaft shredders from Weima (Germany) come equipped with an interchangeable pressing system, designed to procdess lumps, films and hollow moulds. The system comprises two modules, with the cutting mechanism built around a rotor with various blade sizes and shapes. Three additional pressing systems are also available as an option: a horizontal slide for shredding lumps, a curve-shaped rocker for handling film, and a diagonal slide for processing hollow moulds. The modular pressing systems are quick and easy to replace, and because there is unrestricted access to the cutting system, cleaning and servicing are quick and easy to perform.
Single-shaft shredders are supplied in rotor widths of 1000 mm, 1500 mm and 2000 mm, with a rotor diameter of 450 mm, delivering rotational speeds of up to 150 rpm.