Economical processing of solid silicone

ENGELThe new roto feeder from ENGEL (Schwertberg, Austria) is a new rotary conveyor for continuous feeding of the solid silicone to the plasticising unit, avoiding inclusions and maintaining constant pressure. Solid silicone processing, for example, could become significantly easier and more economical. Some of the first fifty units sold are in use at Delphi Germany in Wuppertal.

The use of solid silicone often failed not because of the high production costs, but due to the lack of automatic process engineering capabilities. "Particularly for small batch sizes up to 50,000 parts, solid silicone can now be employed cost-effectively with the ENGEL roto feeder," explains Michael Hirth, Head of Technikum LSR at Delphi. Air-free material feeding through the roto feeder dispenses with the cost-intensive, problematic engineering process of rolling the silicone. At Delphi the material will now acquire a new significance. New fields of application for seals in the automotive industry and medical technology are now technologically feasible, and thanks to the low investment costs an economical solution is now available for these fields.