World’s largest cable compound line

image Buss (Pratteln, Switzerland), has delivered the world’s largest cable compound line to Kabelbedrijven Draka Nederland B.V., Emmen. Maximum throughput is 4500 to 5000 kg/h, depending on formulation.

The quantec® compounding line, extending over four floors of the plant building, can process eight different PVC formulations using one and the same kneader screw geometry, without any other conversion outlay. The BUSS quantec® 110 EV Kneader is the heart of this line. With a kneader shaft diameter D = 110 mm and processing length L =15 x D, this high-performance Kneader features the innovative four-flight technology already practice-proven in more than 100 compounding lines. Thanks to the enlarged intake zone, even the biggest filler volumes are handled without problem. The mixing and kneading screw configuration enables exception­ally homogeneous colored compound production with high fillers content. To build up the necessary pelletizing pressure, the PVC compound is transferred through a cascade ducting system to a single-screw discharge extruder. This is followed either by dry or water-mist pelletizing, whichever is preferable, at a relatively low pressure to minimize temperature peaks on the die plate.
BUSS was responsible for the entire plant engineering, from heater-cooler premixer and gravimetric feeding system into the compounding line, to PVC pelletizing, cooling and drying for storage or bagging.