New record in underwater pelletizing

image With a throughput above 100 t/h for PE and a water flow rate up to 1,500 m³/h , the new UG 1.250 from Coperion (Stuttgart, Germany) is the the largest underwater pelletizer in the world. The average cutting diameter is 1250 mm and it can have up to 11,000 die holes.

Coperion also builds exceptionally large underwater pelletizers for thermoplastic elastomers. An example of this is a UG 750 which will go into operation at the beginning of 2011. The design and method of operation reflect the fact that TPE pellets tend to be very sticky. The axial water flow along the knife shaft into the cutting chamber and the radial water flow along the pelletizing knives towards the water chamber exit minimize turbulences in the cutting chamber. This results in fewer collisions between the freshly cut, tacky pellets, which prevents agglomeration.

image Melt Pumps for up to 65 t/h for Polyolefins

The new MP 450 melt pump will achieve a target throughput of up to 65 t/h. When processing polypropylene it will cover a throughput range from 30 to 50 t/h.
Coperion uses a well proven design for their melt pumps.