Microlayer technology

image Microlayer technology developed by EDI (Extrusion Dies Industries, LLC, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, USA) for thick film and sheet promises to extend the shelf life of retort, hot fill, and flexible food packaging, while increasing formability in thermoforming.


Selectively Multiplying a single EVOH core layer into several microlayers reduces oxygen transmission rate by 60 to 80%. And while EVOH is a crystalline, relatively brittle material, replacing a single thick layer with multiple microlayers increases formability for thermoforming and flexibility for vacuum skin packaging.   
imageThe layer multiplier is a special tool that can be engineered to multiply some or all of the layers within a coextrusion “sandwich” provided by a feedblock. The resulting microlayer structure then passimagees into the manifold of an extrusion die, where it is transformed into film or sheet of target width and thickness profile. No matter how many microlayers there are in the structure, the overall thickness is no greater than that of a conventional coextrusion, and the structure contains the same amount of raw material.