Efficiency in shredding

image Lindner reSource (Grossbottwar, Germany) has further developed its single shaft shredders from the “Vega” series, especially in terms of their application areas, high throughput capacities and optimal energy efficiency for shredding plastics.

The company’s newly-developed “Super-Vega” model can reduce plastics scrap to pellets of 10 mm to 15 mm in a mid rotational speed range of up to 250 revs/min – which formerly could only be reached with conventional cutting mills – without having to forego the benefits of the classic single shaft shredder, such as large feeding hoppers, start-up under load und low costs for wear and tear. This makes these machines especially well-suited for the shredding of generally difficult materials such as big bags, filaments or films and foils for recycling lines.

imageThe ongoing development of the square-blade rotor, which is available for the entire “Vega” series, brings with it a significant improvement in terms of energy efficiency when reducing rigid/hard plastics. The precise positioning of the concave rotor blades with varying blade protrusions ensures controlled and optimized cutting. For example, the Vega S 1100 single shaft shredder can achieve a throughput capacity of 500 kg/h to 800 kg/h with a drive power of only 22 kW.