CLUSTERPLAST final event

image After an 18-month collaboration, the regions and clusters involved in the European Clusterplast project organised their second and final dissemination event, held on 28th and 29th of June 2010 in Charbonnières-les-bains / Lyon (France).

The results and the activities of the Clusterplast project were presented, covering each of  the 7 axes of the Joint Action Plan: 1/Sharing of RTD infrastructures, 2/ Knowledge transfer, 3/Mobility, 4/ Common RD projects, 5/ Entrepreneurship, 6/ Education and Training, 7/ Mutual learning and mentoring. 93 participants attended the event (24 from cluster organisations, 16 from companies, 28 from public authorities or equivalent bodies, 21 from universities or research centres and 4 others). To get copies of the presentations, CLICK HERE.

The CLUSTERPLAST consortium was formed to promote synergies between the local/regional authorities, business entities and research organisations from the 6 European regions. It consists of 15 partners from local authorities, business entities and research centres, from 6 European countries:CLUSTERLAND (Austria), PROPLAST (Italia), Région Rhône-Alpes/PLASTIPOLIS (France), ENGINEERING & TOOLING/CENTIMFE/CEFAMOL/OPEN/IST/CM-MARINHA GRANDE (Portugal), Zlinsky/TICZLIN/PLASTR (Czech Republic) and UA/IMPIVA/AVEP (Spain).