Custom-engineered TPE

image[5]KRAIBURG TPE (Waldkraiburg, Germany) will present, at the K 2010, several tailored TPE product solutions for multiple market sectors. The TPE specialist has developed a new high-performance compound from the HIPEX® product family for the Automotive, Industrial and Engineering markets. The compounds of the THERMOLAST® M line are specially geared to the needs of the pharmaceutical and medical market. Among other things, manufacturers and users profit from improved sliding capacity with respect to other materials as well as an extensive selection of hardness variants for bonding to PC and ABS plastics. In the consumer segment, the focus will be the new THERMOLAST® K compounds for “wet grip” applications. They guarantee maximum grip of a product even when wet. And not only pleasant haptics, but also an appealing fragrance can be convincing arguments for consumers. For this purpose KRAIBURG TPE has developed odor batches making it possible to provide all compounds with any desired fragrance.

image HIPEX® has performance characteristics that include resistance to temperatures as high as 170°C and to polar media combined with outstanding adhesion properties. The series offers production advantages for the Automotive, Industrial and Mechanical Engineering industries. Now this high-performance TPE has further developed product features just in time for the K 2010. The considerably improved tensile strength of the compounds as well as their optimized flow and surface characteristics facilitate processing by means of time-saving and cost-reducing single and two-component injection molding. In contrast to alternative materials like rubber compounds, time-consuming and cost-intensive vulcanization is not necessary with HIPEX®. In addition to that, TPE compounds from the HIPEX® family have limited swelling properties mitigating any significant change in volume, mass and hardness. The high-performance TPE products are available in black or natural finish. Furthermore, they are easy to dye which can facilitate visual quality control in connection with 2-component processing.

Due to the strong demand, the specialist for thermoplastic elastomers has optimized its THERMOLAST® M product line in terms of sliding capacity with respect to other materials. An additional MT series is now available with an exceptionally low coefficient of friction. This represents an advantage whenever rapid, easy sliding over plastic surfaces is required, such as in the case of insulin pens or protective covers for minimally invasive operating instruments. The new MT/HD line enables significantly shorter cooling times during processing of thick-wall applications. An extensive range of hardness variants for bonding to PC and ABS plastics rounds off the further developments.