Energy Efficiency and e-Production at EuroMold

image_thumb[1]The 17th EuroMold, World Fair for Moldmaking and Tooling, Design and Application Development, will take place from 1 to 4 December 2010, in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.  The show expects about 1,500 exhibitors from 45 countries and approximately 60,000 trade visitors.  Turkey will be the "host country". Further highlights at EuroMold 2010 will be the special feature shows “Energy Efficiency and Moldmaking” and “e-Production for everyone” as well as  conferences, forums and workshops.

The EuroMold fairs concept “From Idea to Prototype to Series Production” clearly illustrates the entire process chain. Here all parties involved in product development will be united – form designers, to moldmakers, machine tool producers, subcontractors to users. Core areas at EuroMold are of course moldmaking and tooling as well as Rapid Prototyping, patternmaking and prototypes, CAD/CAM, simulation/VR, machine tools and tools, engineering and design.

EuroMold 2010 will gather exhibitors from at least 45 countries. Some countries are increasing participation: South Korea (+66.7 % compared to same period of previous year), Turkey (60.0 %), UK (+55.6 %), Spain (+16.7 %) and France (+10.5 %).
23.9 % of all exhibitors are in the field of ‘Moldmaking and Tooling’. Hence, this is the most represented sector of EuroMold followed by ‘Rapid Prototyping and Tooling’ (9.9 %). The third biggest area is ‘Simulation + VR’ with 8.9 % (a raise with 5.9% compared to 2009). 5.8 % of all exhibitors which have signed up so far are active in the field of ‘Design’, a growth of 38.1 % compared to 2009.

At EuroMold 2010 the latest technologies showcased by the exhibitors will be flanked by special feature shows. ‘e-Production for Everyone’ (in hall 11) will provide insight to trends and future application of additive manufacturing. ‘Energy Efficiency and Moldmaking’ (in hall 8) will show the innovative implementation of energy efficiency and sustainability within moldmaking and tooling. The show covers 270 m² and offers several live demonstrations and firsthand information, whereas temperature control and cast-on technique play an important part. The new ‘House of Creation’ (in hall 11) will comprise the sectors ‘Design + Engineering’, ‘Materials’, ‘Simulation + VR’ and ‘Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing’.

Various international specialist conferences and several forums and workshops underscore the importance of EuroMold 2010 as an international contact, innovation and technology market. The 12th consecutive ‚Wohlers Conference’ entitled “The Business Impact of Additive Manufacturing” will be conducted at EuroMold on December 3, 2010. Furthermore conferences will take place with regards to the topics ‘Partner Country Turkey’, ‘Industrial and Car Design’ as well as ‘Materials’. Innovative forums on the subject areas of ‘Design+Engineering’, ‘Materials’, ‘Simulation and VR’ and for the first time ‘Boat Building’ will be provided at EuroMold 2010. EuroMold visitors have free attendance. The Material forum and conference will be organised in co-operation with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde (DGM).