Speciality Plastic Films conference

SPF 2010, the annual Speciality Plastic Films conference organized by Maack Business Services will take place in Dusseldorf on October 25 and 26, the two days before K 2010. The program includes numerous new developments in materials and processing technologies critical for film and sheet producers and users.

Delegates will be able to get important updates in key developments in polyethylenes, polypropylenes, plastomers and elastomers from the likes of such market leaders as Borealis, ExxonMobil, Ineos, LyondellBasell, Mitsui and Polimeri Europa.

New tie-layer technology for multilayer barrier films will be introduced in a talk from LyondellBasell subsidiary Equistar, while Nippon Gohsei will report on its latest multi-functional barrier resin, Nichigo-P. News on nylons for high performance films will come from Ube and DSM, while Topas will discuss the use of its cyclo-olefins as functional layers in speciality films.

There will be several important presentations covering environmental issues. After an overview from industry group European Bioplastics, there will be talks from MaterBi supplier Novamont, and research institute Fraunhofer (talking on biopolymers in paper and film applications). Thin film barrier coating of biopolymer films will be discussed by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

In addition, lactic acid producer Galactic will present new chemical recycling technology for treating PLA waste as an alternative to composting that retains the value of the original material – the company has just started up the world’s first PLA chemical recycling unit.

Still on a sustainability theme, Danisco will talk about its film processing additives made from renewable materials. In the same session on additives, Milliken will discuss its very latest developments in nucleating agents for polyethylenes and DuPont will present ionomer sealants and additives.

New processing technology talks will be given by equipment suppliers Brampton Engineering (with a discussion on its new flexSTACK multi-layer co-extrusion die as well as flexWind centre/surface winding technology) and thickness gauging specialist NDC (infrared measurements of speciality films, coextrusions and coatings), while troubleshooting tips will come from consultant Optex.

BOPP producer Treofan will introduce an innovative process that provides new types of separator films for electrochemical energy stores, including Li-batteries, double layer capacitors and fuel cells, Polyplex will discuss changing market dynamics in BOPET and RKW will address new developments in polyolefin films as sustainable products. Innovia will discuss how its NatureFlex films, derived from wood pulp, meet brand owner sustainability objectives.

Procter & Gamble and Unilever will talk about their own developments and the implications for their suppliers.

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