Energy saving in profile extrusion

image Together with the Greiner Competence Center (GCC), the Greiner Tool.Tec subsidiaries Greiner Extrusion and Gruber Extrusion have developed the “Vacuum Energy Saving System“. The innovation cuts energy costs for plastics profile extrusion in half by using speed-controlled vacuum pumps. The “Vacuum Energy Saving System“ is integrated in the calibration table. “The combination and the special design permit better efficiency for dry calibration and for vacuum cooling tanks“, Leo Weiermayer, CTO of Greiner Tool.Tec, explains. The project is in the implementation phase.


Efficiency and performance in production is a topical issue at Greiner Tool.Tec. The company’s latest innovation: the “Vacuum Energy Saving System“. Extruder motors and vacuum pumps in calibration tables consume most of the energy in an extrusion plant. The newly developed system cuts energy costs at the calibration table in half – to the advantage of enterprises and the environment. The individual vacuum pumps can be automatically connected and disconnected. For the vacuum cooling tanks side channel blowers controlled via frequency converters are used. The “Vacuum Energy Saving System” permits better efficiency for dry calibration and for vacuum cooling tanks and simplifies the operation of the calibration table due to the automatic vacuum control. Moreover, the system reduces the heat quantity given off to the cooling water. The system is compatible with the tooling systems available on the market. It can also be retrofitted in existing downstream machinery.