Winder for Large Roll Diameters

imageDavis-Standard, LLC    (Somerville, N.J., USA) has introduced a new series of surface winders for blown film processors to complement the successful PAC series. The new SLC (SLiding Carriage) Series employs pneumatics instead of hydraulics for controlling the winding force. Like the PAC series, the SLC Series is capable of wound roll diameters up to 1,500mm. The winder is available in widths from 1,118 to 3,400 mm and capable of winding rolls on 75mm or 150mm cores.


For improved performance, the weight of the roll is supported by bearings located close to the wound roll edge and supported on a horizontal linear rail for greater shaft performance. The winding force is controlled via pneumatic cylinders with control feedback and taper capabilities. The finished roll unloading system is independent from the winding transfer cycle sequence shortening and streamlining new roll changes. Roll carts and shaft handling are available to add automation to fit each plant’s needs.  Other features include a horizontal flat bed design, high capacity shaft bearings, high-speed pneumatic traversing knife assembly, web tension control, touch screen controls for winder settings, and two center slitters for multiple lane production. Options include additional slitters, a center drive feature, gap winding, shaft accelerator, cord expander roll and shaft extractor/cart.